Monthly Archives: April 2011

Hermosa Beach, California

Six stalls but only three sinks:

I really don’t like that equation.

And since there’s no soap to wash off the stink,

it’s time for your hand-shake evasion!

Bourgeois Pig – Hollywood

Can a bathroom be sexy?

Ah! So it would seem!

With its alluring sideways toilet

and dark color scheme.

Glad I didn’t stop to picture,

before I dropped my bum,

all the sex probably had here,

with walls covered in cum.

Getty Villa – Malibu

How many people can say

they’ve peed in the bathroom of a millionaire?

Well, me neither, because this one

is a ‘pee with the masses’ affair.

Denver International Airport

Denver Airport

It looks all so normal,

just tiles and steel,

until I see the box

that ’bout made me reel.

A needle disposal?

Probably for diabetics,

but I prefer to believe

it’s more for heroin addicts.

Wahoo Fish Tacos

This one is boring and plain,

No reason to be detained.

It’s good for in and out fast,

Like the taco you just passed!

Microcenter – Denver

This store’s for everything high tech,

When things aren’t quite up to spec.

But the room where the tech is low,

That’s were I like to ‘go’!

The Great Indoors – Denver

The Indoors to me is all about plumbing,

Goin’ outside feels too much like slumming.

But I can’t believe in Europe they make you pay,

I’ll drop trou on their sidewalks if thats how they play!

Here in ‘Merica, it’s free when you can’t wait,

And THAT’s what makes America and the Indoors Great!

Aviano Coffee – Cherry Creek Denver

I was feelin’ good,  juiced up with caffeine.

Hey, these tiles are cheery, as well!

But what turned me sour in the latrine,

Was the sad TP roll’s empty shell!

Back to Kaladi – Denver

Let’s see, we got the sink and commode,

Towels and tp – the mother load!

But lookee here, an espresso maker!

And something to read!

Is this the coffee shop or someplace I peed?

Bob Penkhus Volvo Mazda- Colorado Springs

The mechanic’s restroom-

’bout what I expected:

Broken roll holder, ugly print,

But where’s the disinfectant?