Monthly Archives: July 2011

Laundry Time – Colorado Springs, CO

A screw’s not fancy,

but it’s all you need,

even located where its not chancy

to fall in where I peed!

Marika’s Coffee House – Manitou Springs, CO

I wonder if rooms in the TARDIS,

are each bigger on the inside as well.

A time/space-y golden mean,

like a reverse nautilus shell.

Then the TARDIS’ own bathroom,

must be a vast abyss!

So unlike this mortal police box,

I must squeeze into to take a piss!


Motor Vehicle Department – Colorado Springs

I stepped into the stall un-paranoid.

Then I saw the redundant locks!

Feeling threatened, I cupped some pee-

Lord help anyone who opens this box!

Ruth’s Stitchery – Colorado Springs

Don’t mind my grump- I’m sleepy today,

after yesterday’s curious thrills.

But mere fatigue this cozy room can slay!

Just wake me in time for my pills.


Kohl’s – Colorado Springs, CO

Y’know, I think I prefer peeing in formation,

side by side on our porcelain seats.

If we coordinate, each from our stations,

we might create shot-from-the-hips beats!

Bites – Englewood, CO

“Bites”? Oh boy! Maybe now some thrills!

But it was not to be, alas.

Seems it’s just a normal toilet,

Not a portal for being bitten on the ass!

Colorado Mountain Brewery – Colorado Springs

I’ve noticed I’ve become complacent,

no longer yearning for more.

Seems I miss being malcontent-

Then I saw the hook way up on this door!

How am I supposed to hang my purse,

being of shortish height that I am?

You’ve made me realize how perverse

was my descent into the happiness scam!



Rimsky-Korsakoffee House – Portland, OR

I once had a dream of life ‘neath the waves,

where I chat with victims of the mob

and twirl with mermaids in sea caves.

Then I go off to my underwater job,

of nipping at innocent swimmers’ toes.

And at night I go carousing with my fishy friends,

and we drink to forget our woes,

but we haven’t many, so the night ends

with us warbling sea shanties in rotation,

until I have to come here to liberate

the evening’s earlier libations.

Back in real life, I just come here to pee

In this make-believe commode under the sea.