Monthly Archives: August 2011

Yellowstone National Park

I guess when you gotta go, anything will do,

even a bucket encrusted with poo.

How nice someone marked where a spider had been.

But unless I find it now the peeing can’t begin.


I’m sorry, but I really have no idea…

Do you realy think I’d remember

each and every bathroom on this trip?

They all run together into a grayish brown puddle,

just like this stuff in which I almost slipped!


Breakfast Diner…somewhere

Introducing “Seventies Cabin Flair”-

All the rage in restroom decor.

It’s so casually debonaire!

Just look at those knotholes galore!



Cannot even guess where this is

Yes, it’s bland but functional,

Hey, sounds just like me!

I prefer  my entertainers to be the opposite.

Do crazy actors demand help to pee?

Dunn Bros Coffee, Rapid City, SD

It’s quite a hip potty,

for a small strip mall cafe.

Good place for a masked soiree,

for today’s slam poet literati!

The Warehouse – Colorado Springs, CO

These crisp white linen towels

in this nice clean restroom

look suspiciously like the napkins

in the laps out in the dining room!

A Rest Stop. In South Dakota, perhaps? Kansas? For sure a rest stop, though

On the road, passing by sheep after sheep,

my warm legs shaded by the map.

Some loser said, “Miles to go before I sleep.”

But what are all those miles for if not to nap?

Um…maybe still Nebraska? Sioux City, I bet!

Flowers, blue sky, and sun so warming,

yet I cannot relax in this room.

Look! On the wall! They’re swarming!

Thank god I have a nom-de-plume.

For I realize I’ll be committing treason,

but they’re so sphincter-clenchingly bourgeoisie!

So while the fleurs-de-lis are in season,

I’ll shoot them even as I pee!

Lincoln, NE, I think?

Just the place to escape the heat,

and to take off a load.

(Did I mean off my feet,

or am I talking in code?)

Somewhere in Kansas? or Nebraska?

New places I’m seein’,

while drivin’ thru the plains,

means new places I’m peein’.

Thank god loos are all the same!

No buckets-cum-commodes,

or worse,  just a hole in the floor.

I got water that flowed,

and a room with a door!