Floradora Saloon – Telluride, CO



I started a bar fight,

it seemed the thing to do.

I started a bar fight,

just ’cause she said boo.

We fought on the bar top,

we scratched in the closet,

we bit by the floor mop,

no blood drawn, just spit.

We crawled to the bathroom,

where I could void my bladder.

I don’t wanna fight no more,

which just makes her madder.



About franny666

I'm a virtual spelunker into the darkest caverns of Hell and Imagination. Also, I like donuts View all posts by franny666

2 responses to “Floradora Saloon – Telluride, CO

  • zack

    Haha, I remember you telling me you wanted to start a bar fight.

    It’s pretty easy. Go into a sports bar and shout “Your local city or state’s sport team is quite laughable!” I’m sure that’ll bring the ruffians about and get them riled up! Oh, when Reginald and I caused a bit of tom-foolery at the local pub we made quite a rabble-rouser out of it! Hah! Good show I say!

    My monocle appears to be spotty. I must cleanse it with saliva.

  • franny666

    God, we should do that! Go to a real honky-tonk bar and act all foppish. But I wouldn’t know how…

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