Steaming Bean – Telluride, CO

On a night so dark and dreary,

whenI was feeling weary,

I needed someplace cheery,

and this restroom lurked so near-y.

So I skulked inside,

then I gasped! I cried!

Because I had spied,

in the mirror’s shiny side

an image not of me, but Hyde!

For I had become angry-

I had turned irate-

the wall held no words of 4 letters,

instead it was covered in slate!

Worse, no chalk I could find,

for me to speak my mind,

about this unspeakable crime!

I’ve never been so malcontent!

My rage would not relent.

I felt as powerless at the 99%!

I could only sit, bored, as I went,

with nothing to read but upcoming events.


About franny666

I'm a virtual spelunker into the darkest caverns of Hell and Imagination. Also, I like donuts View all posts by franny666

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