Monthly Archives: December 2011

New Venue! – Just outside

Did I really…?

Did I let loose?

Did I pee here?

Or is that apple juice?


City Pub – Denver, CO

Bulimia is serious, gross and sad,

but this time of year so tempting,

if only just a tad!

The cookies, the pies, so tasty!

All lying “Calories? Who, me?”

But instead of acting hasty,

I try to make myself see,

how much time would be spent here,

bending nose to bowl, over the place I pee!

A Store in Denver… that shall remain Anonymous

OK, I didn’t pee here, I must confess,

Even for me it was too huge a mess!

I took my photos as if at a crime scene

Then slowly backed away from this latrine…


Asian Pacific Market – Colorado Springs, CO

This place is so exotic,

for a room merely aquatic!

Am I perhaps idiotic,

for finding the lock mildly erotic?

And these sinks are psychotic!

They’re, like,  sensibly rob0tic!

Steuben’s – Denver, CO

Hey, I’m hip, daddy-o,

And I see you’re a  hepcat, too.

All those squares out on the patio

Ain’t allowed in this crazy loo.

You dig?

If you’re a square

And think this is unfair

Then go read some Voltaire

‘n get out of my hair.


Pablo’s Coffee – Denver, CO

I followed a leprachaun

to get his pot of gold, all for me!

but all I found when he was gone

was a toilet bowl yellow with pee.


Tuk Tuk – Denver, CO

I sometimes wish I had extra hair,

the kind that grows on the side.

I’d shave geometric shapes in there,

then charge guys for starburns rides!


Sun Liquor & Deli – Boulder, CO

Lucy’s in the sky with diamonds,

I’m in the loo with me.

And me and me and me.

Oh! look, there’s Jerry Garcia!

and Jim Morrison’s watching me pee.