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Why do women take longer in the bathroom than men?

I’ll answer that with another question.

Why do women have cleaner bellybuttons than men?

A Little Readin’ A Little Writin’ A Little Peein’

I can’t live up to this room’s expectations,

even though toilets are for quiet contemplation.

I’ve no intention of sitting at this writing desk,

writing a pithy and wise sociopolitical screed.

This room, for me, is becoming Kafkaesque,

when I expected it to be a place where I peed.

The Room with No Walls

Sometimes, in the darkest of night,

I have fitful dreams of a restroom with no stalls.

We all squat together, in too-plain sight,

and we learn too much, warts and all!

From my porcelain perch I can see,

just how each of us uses the TP.