Monthly Archives: February 2012

When Shark Meets Fox

This jaws-themed restroom is dark,

But the fox in front is more chilling.

In a battle of wills, fox against shark,

It’s the fish we’ll later be grilling!

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Wanna Dance

I wanna, gotta, gonna be free-wheeling,

Just like ol’ Ritchie and Astaire.

But there are no floor tiles on this ceiling;

The walls get all the flair!


As Real As It Gets

When did sincerity go out of style?

Everything now is ironic or campy or clever.

I like that bathrooms are without guile.

So I say, Restroom, I groove on your earnest endeavor!

Toilet Slut

How many times have I peed ,

Since I learned how when I was a tot?

(I guess I knew long before then,

But we’ll exclude that nappy lot!)

For years too many to count,

(I actually could but let’s not,)

I’ve been rather promiscuous,

With bearing my tush in a squat!

Restrooms public and bathrooms private,

I’ll take whatever you’ve got.

I’ll enjoy these years while I can,

for in old age I’ll need a chamber pot!


When I’m feeling misunderstood and all alone,

that no one ever really knows anyone,

I find respite in a well-used public throne.

For, if you prick us, do we not all bleed?

And don’t we all hike up our undies,

After each one of us has peed?












From beside the stage in this lovely white space

I can just hear the laughter, cheers and hurrahs.

I smile and a blush blooms on my face

And I  bow where I sit to accept the applause.