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Shiny black and white,

shiny metal stalls-

all so clean and shiny.

I just want a place to set my heiny!


Meyer and Lydiatt Family Dentistry

Meyer and Lydiatt Family Dentistry


“Such cute peepots!” my mind first said,

Before I caught my blunder.

Tea pots, not pee pots!” I scolded myself.

What spell has this blog put me under?

Manitou Springs public restroom

Most public art is outside,

And this one isn’t free.

It requests a specific offering-

It only wants your pee.




Adam’s Mountain Cafe

Adam’s Mountain Cafe


The restroom so quaint,

Arty and charming,

The eyes find nary a complaint,

And shy bladders  find it disarming!




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Colorado Springs City Auditorium

Colorado Springs City Auditorium

What were those old pipes for,

that are now absentee?

Truncated pipes, do you feel,

phantom pain like a war amputee?

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Rico’s Coffee, Chocolate, & Wine Bar @Poor Richard’s 322 N. Tejon

Rico’s @Poor Richard’s

A table topped with granite

in a tasteful room with tasteful art

With such a tasteful palette

I let out a tasteful fart!


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H&R Block – Citadel Mall

H&R Block

This bleak and sterile room

Is no refuge from a feeling of doom.

Tho the accountants try hard

Not to hand you your nards,

You’d rather go back in the womb.