Monthly Archives: November 2011

Prana Store – Boulder, CO

I like to make things pretty,

so my soul can feel pretty too.

Even seats destined to be gritty,

should have a pretty view!


The Laughing Goat Coffeehouse – Boulder, CO

Out amongst the urban sprawl,

squats the pernicious shopping mall.

Drunk on cheer, the patrons haul,

their loot, surrendering to the thrall,

of stores’ bright lights, each a port of call.

So while swarming humanity squalls,

I’ll stay safe and quiet in my toilet stall.


Boulder Army Store – Boulder, CO

I’ve been on this thing for hours,

trying to prepare for tomorrow’s splurge.

But I can’t seem to make the extra room.

Looks like a job for binge and purge!



Thai Lotus – Denver, CO

When I want a little freedom,

I lock myself away.

HereĀ  I can be myself,

and not keep my farts at bay!

Scandinavian Designs – Denver, CO

When the population goes even sky-higher,

and we’re all living on top of each other,

stacked up miles above and below the earth in the gloom,

I predict our tiny apartments will consist of this one room.

You got your water for cleaning,

your water for drinking,

and the bathtub converts to a bed.

Add a hot plate and an internet connection,

and the bathroom’s where our lives will beĀ  led!

Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts – Palmer Lake, CO

Like putting a bow on a bar of soap,

or drinking milk from a martini glass,

when one needs practical done elegantly,

this sure is a nice place to wipe one’s ass!

Tattered Cover – Denver, CO

When I have a full to-do list,

and distractions around me abound,

that’s when I get the most pissed,

so I come here to do it sitting down!

Jake & Telly’s – Old Colorado City, CO

Why do I so often have nothing to say?

Am I so devoid of thoughts, ideas and feelings?

Perhaps I should spend more time on the thinking-girl’s throne-

the ultimate space for mind/body revealing!

Citadel Mall – Colorado Springs, CO

When life is the same day after day,

good though it may be,

i long to run away to points anywhere,

or rob a bank or tickle a stranger.

But i never do, just let the days stay the same,

but they never do either, but they quietly move on,

changing without me looking.

One thing i hope never changes

is my colonic regularity.

Public Restroom – Telluride, CO

Whenever I feel I don’t have control,

that I’m just an 8-ball hit by the cue stick of fate,

I make a paper boat to float in the bowl,

then flush it down as my whim dictates!